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This session focused on implementing creative solutions in the workplace, finding ways to communicate with your community and keeping morale up.

Session Overview

Start with Reconfiguring Physical Workspace
  • Stagger shifts.
  • Add protective barriers and return to “old cubicle” style.
  • Keep density of office low, ideally 20%. At 50% or more it gets difficult to control and trace the virus.
  • Create rooms with partitions if members from the community are entering; clean the hard surfaces frequently.
  • Outdoor shared space like open lots, parks and sidewalks are great for spaced-out office/community meetings.
  • Talk to your employees and community members to find out what they are comfortable with in regard to meeting in person.
  • Implement signage with messages of mask wearing, physical distancing and hygiene.
Find New and Better Ways to Communicate with Your Community
  • Think about the community’s access to the internet.
  • Have meaningful conversations via phone call if members do not have internet or video call access.
  • Think about your human capital capacity to reach the community: Do you have enough people to reach out? What supplies do you need? How time-consuming is the contact?
Keeping Morale Up
  • Do check-ins regularly for work and offer fun non-work events such as a virtual happy hour, a Netflix watch party or a Zoom party.
  • Have a flexible day for employees — one day a week to catch up on work and things at home and engage with customers/community members.
  • Understand that a lot of employees are juggling home and work life in the same area.
  • Remember to be flexible, since some employees have children and are home schooling them and/or are taking care of other family members.
  • Provide what you can to employees to make the work from home environment better: keyboards, headsets, mouse, additional monitor.

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  • Talk with employees to find out what they are comfortable with for physical workspaces.
  • Use barriers and partitions for separation; try to space out employees or let them work in individual offices.
  • Offer other methods like staggered shifts and maintain low office density.
  • Have meaningful conversations with community members via phone call, video chat or email, or use flyers.
  • Keep morale up by being mindful of employees’ situations, such as having children and family members at home while they work full time.
  • Do regular check-ins with employees about work.
  • Consider having a flex day so employees can catch up on work and connect with others.

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